Activities near Beavers Bend Romance Cabins

Wildlife Viewing

Bird Watching

We have woodpeckers, bluebirds, turkeys, crows, blue heron, hummingbirds, bats, doves, blue jays, owls, eagles, hawks, mockingbirds, cardinals, robins and other songbirds. We often feed the birds so that they will be very near the porches.

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Black bear seen at Friendly PinesBird watching at Friendly PinesDeer are abundant at Friendly PinesHummingbirdBlack bear seen at Friendly PinesDeer feed near cabin #12 nightlyLuna mothMore deer

Hiking and Wildlife Viewing

Deer, raccoon, squirrel, fox, opossum, armadillo, small brown bear, cougar or mountain lion. We have seen deer every night and morning near the old barn next to cabin #12. We believe the deer are one of the most beautiful of our wildlife and hope you are able to enjoy them as much as we do.

Take a nature walk through many of the hiking trails. You will be sure to enjoy the wildflowers and animals. There are acres of wooded land in which to roam. Located nearby is also the Red Slough Wildlife Management Area, which is a haven for bird watching and animals. The Beaver's Bend State Park is also full of hiking trails, including the David Boren Hiking Trail. Be sure to bring insect repellant and sunscreen.

Bald Eagle Viewing

Oklahoma is one of the Top 10 states for Bald Eagle viewing during Nov-Mar. The Beavers Bend Park Naturalist, Frank Griffith, leads viewings at 9:00 AM on Saturdays from Nov-Mar where the Bald Eagles nest on the spectacular sheer cliffs along the banks of the Mountain Fork River. He can also guide you through the nature center and can make possible a program lineup that includes campfires on the river bank, nature hikes, arts and crafts classes, water sports, sunset hikes, nature films, and astronomy outings. Bald Eagles nest on the spectacular sheer cliffs.


* Beavers Bend Romance cabins are part of Friendly Pines Cabins, LLC. When you arrive on property, all administrative functions are processed at the Friendly Pines Cabins office.